Impact Sourcing is a socially responsible outsourcing that creates long-term employment opportunities for people that are considered disadvantaged in their local context.

  1. Sourcing & Recruitment
    Skilled Staff sources and recruits unemployed people based on the hiring requirements of the client.
  2. Training & Skills Development
    Post-recruitment, all candidates undergo an intensive demand-driven training that covers English Communication, Digital Skills, and Life Skills, to prepare them for work in the outsourcing industry.
  3. Employment
    Upon completion of the training and skills development, our new hires work solely for the client on either of the following: Data Processing, Copywriting, Online Prospection, Online Marketing, Social Media Management, Online Customer Service, Moderation, and Administrative Support.
  4. Long-Term Careers
    With a stable full-time job that pays a living wage, staff are able to provide for the basic needs of their families, build up a savings account, support their siblings through school, and ultimately launch careers as dignified professionals.

After Skilled Staff, they may take on further studies, work as freelancers, or secure other jobs in the formal sector.