Customer Service in Zimbabwe

How can we help you deliver exceptional customer service?

Web-based customer service can help streamline communications and improve team accountability. 

Social Media


Mobile App

Implement online customer service delivery for better efficiency

Improve the coordination of enquiries from different channels such as e-mail, social media and mobile apps.

Save Time

Live chat allows customer service agents to communicate with customers in real-time. This means that issues raised are attended to faster, resulting in overall customer satisfaction. Manuscripts from e-mail, live chat or social media can also be shared for future reference.

History of Conversations

Access to historical data results in better team accountability. There is also an opportunity to take further necessary action, while flagging recurring issues. In the long run, you save on costs because decision makers identify issues before they escalate into bigger problems.

Efficient Customer Support

Phone-based customer support is synonymous with call transfers and long hold times. Web-based support fields customers to the correct department based on information provided on the web form. Agents can also sort issues based on importance, ensuring that supervisors are aware of high priority tasks. This results in better case management.

Cost Effective

Customer service teams can ramp up their productivity through the use of social media, e-mail and mobile applications, while saving on set-up and manpower costs. Social media is free and unlike traditional call centres where a customer service agent can only attend to one customer at a time, online customer service allows for one response to be viewed by many customers simultaneously.

Improved Brand Exposure

Happy customers are quick to share their experiences on social media. Investing in exceptional service can help expose your products or services to family and friends. This free milage can help to organically push sales and grow your business.

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