Impact workers are people who have limited opportunities for employment – often in low income areas – that are hired to perform non-core, back office functions in the outsourcing industry. One of the most sustainable ways to reduce poverty is by ensuring that the poor and vulnerable have access to formal employment and decent work.

A large proportion of university graduates in Zimbabwe lack employment opportunities. After graduation, many struggle to find their first job. Though some might work in the informal economy, they are often not entitled to sick leave or paid holidays and lack job security.

Key decision makers in business may opt to tap into this pool of highly qualified individuals, that are willing and able to work.

The Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, a forum of the world’s leading companies committed to build an inclusive global chain, has challenged businesses to hire 100,000 impact workers by year 2020. This will help give the poor access to productive employment and decent work.

Impact Worker Characteristics

Impact workers have the following characteristics:

  • High morale and a drive to achieve.
  • Research carried out by the Everest Group suggests impact workers show comparable or better work performance when compared to traditional workers.
  • Employee loyalty due to the increased chances of leading healthy and productive lives.

With a job and a stable income, they are able to provide for the basic needs of their families, help support their younger siblings through school, build up a savings account and launch careers as young, dignified professionals.

Tasks that you can outsource to Skilled Staff

Skilled Staff has a social mission at heart but we give our clients assurance of quality. To achieve this, our employees undergo skills training and development to enable them to perform their assigned lower complexity digital work.

Companies can outsource the following non-core and routine tasks:

  • Data Processing
  • Moderation
  • Prospection
  • Online Customer Service
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Copywriting
  • Administrative Support