Any organisation can gain efficiency and reduce costs by delegating non-core and routine functions to an outsourcing service provider. Small-to-medium sized enterprises can overcome problems such as limited financial resources and the ability to attain quality talent, while established organisations can focus on further growth and diversification.

  1. Data Processing

    In recent years, businesses have acknowledged the importance of big data for better decision making and operational efficiency. Mundane and repetitive data processing tasks include data entry, data validation and data categorisation. Digitising these processes helps to provide actionable market intelligence to key decision makers in business. The advantages are:

    • Easy access to information and enhanced operational efficiency.
    • Structured data that is easier to view and share.
    • Cost savings by eliminating the need to spend hours encoding data and deploying new technology.
  2. Prospection

    It is essential for an organisation to establish a strong sales pipeline. Outsourcing the process of identifying, gathering information on potential customers and stimulating interest presents your sales team with a better chance of closing a sale. The advantages are:

    • Increased quantity and quality of new leads to improve your lead conversion rate.
    • Save time and resources by working with an experienced team and give your sales team the opportunity to nurture leads rather than source initial contacts.
    • Increase the number of warm appointments by filtering out unqualified leads.
  3. Social Media Management

    Many organisations are not in a position to hire a full-time Social Media Specialist to run a successful social media marketing campaign. Likewise, most are unable to come up with regular engaging and good quality content. Delegating the process of creating quality content and communicating with people online helps to increase an organisations customer base through better social media following and engagement. The advantages are: 

    • Increased traffic from search engines as a result of optimised content.
    • Better social media engagement and following because of targeted and compelling content.
    • Increased conversion rate of visitors to leads due to calls-to-action (CTAs) and other techniques. 
  4. Administrative Support

    Administrative work is an essential back office function that is often neglected due to time constraints. A virtual assistant (VA) can focus on managing emails, scheduling meetings, bookkeeping, travel research, online research and preparing data presentations. The advantages are: 

    • Eliminate the hassle of hiring and training an individual to effectively carry out assigned tasks.
    • Lower overhead costs because hiring a VA is more affordable, compared to a full-time employee performing administrative tasks.