Quite a number of businesses fail to offer great customer service. Having a great product or service is not enough for an organisation to reach its full potential. Listening to your customers and reacting to their pain points with solutions is a huge differentiating factor from your competitors.

Good customer service matters both offline and online. People have become increasingly connected to their favourite brands through social media. Rapid response now the new standard. For example, if a brand does not respond to at least 90 percent of queries within 15 minutes, it will not receive fast responder status from Facebook.

Bots may help increase efficiency by providing automated responses. However, the intelligence and empathy of humans should not be underestimated, particularly when queries are complex or detailed. In fact, both humans and bots must work together to deliver exceptional customer service.

Benefits of Outsourcing Online Customer Service

  • Rapid response times

Information is a click away and consumers have adopted a ‘must have it now’ syndrome. Implementing a rapid response strategy can help your business retain customers, while also creating new leads and attracting new customers. Outsourcing the functions of live chat support and social media moderation to a service provider that operates 24 hours will ensure that all your customer’s queries are addressed within the shortest time possible.

  • Responses to all requests and feedback

A negative review on your page can escalate  quickly if it is not handled in the right manner. Outsourcing this function to a team that is highly trained and capable of handling frustrated customers is important.

  • Access to customer service data

Apart from delivering great service, access to valuable data can help give your business insight into what your customers want. Taking time to analyse the data can flag product or service issues and other common problems across your business. Outsourcing your customer service to a dedicated team gives your business access to invaluable information about customer behaviour. Moreover, you are able to benchmark your performance against that of your competitors to ensure that you are a step ahead.

Tasks that you can delegate to Skilled Staff

  • 24 hour Live Chat Support
  • Technical Support  
  • Social Media Moderation