The real definition of frustrating should merely be a sales team that fails to achieve the expected results, despite having a great product or service, and a flattering competitive advantage. Many salespeople fail to meet the mark, not because they are bad at their job, but because so much time is spent prospecting leads, rather than working to convert that lead to a sale.

With all the technological advancements in today’s business world, outsourcing lead generation is the differentiating factor between successful and unsuccessful sales teams.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of identifying, stimulating interest, and gathering information on potential customers. It is the first step of the sales process, thus finding qualified prospects for your business is crucial because it presents your sales team with a better chance of closing a sale.

Delegating the Process

Most businesses are unable to dedicate enough staff to generate leads, therefore measuring and documenting the lead generation success becomes impractical. They also lack the capacity to build infrastructure to respond in a timely manner, as well as manage and track leads.

A business development team must focus on nurturing leads, rather than sourcing initial contacts. Delegating the sourcing process to a knowledgeable team means your team can perform the expertise driven tasks they were hired for, while taking advantage of significant technology investments from the outsourcing partner.

Increasing the quantity and quality of new leads will help improve your lead conversion rate.

Advantages of Delegating Lead Generation

  • Reduced Costs
    • Save time and resources as your sales team focuses hence focusing on nurturing leads.
    • As an extension of your business development team, a virtual team member is highly trained on sourcing initial contacts and organising them effectively.
    • Online lead generation is the more affordable as compared to traditional methods such as door-to-door and direct mail. 
  • Shorter Lead Time
    • By targeting prospects that have an interest in your product/service offering, you filter out unqualified leads, and increase the number of warm appointments.
  • Track Sales Activity
    • Access to the right technology means the ability to nurture leads, while also re-engaging cold leads.
  • Access to Historical Data
    • Automating the lead generation process creates an easily accessible database that helps with future decision making.
    • Evaluation of performance is simplified because metrics can be set up.

Tasks that you can delegate to Skilled Staff

  • Lead generation software development
  • Organisational charting to identify the right contact person, their titles, and contact information (online sources, social networks)
  • Validating current data and filling in the blanks because campaigns are better served with clean data
  • Collecting actionable feedback to further optimise future campaigns