4 February 2019

Facebook Celebrates 15 Years

On February 4, Facebook celebrated 15 years of existence and growth. Despite the scandals that rocked the company last year, a revenue of around US$55 billion makes Facebook the most ambitious company in the Internet communications sector.

Apple to Compensate Teenager who discovered FaceTime bug

14 year old Grant Thompson discovered a bug in Apple’s FaceTime video calling. The bug meant that one could eavesdrop on conversations simply by making a call, with the recipient not having to pick up in order to hear what they are saying. This discovery landed him with an undisclosed pay out to go towards his education.

FaceTime bug Fixed with iOS 12.1.4 Update

Apple acknowledged the bug that enabled iPhone and iPad users to hear other people’s conversations before the recipients pick up a Group FaceTime call. An iOS 12.1.4 update has now been released to fix the bug.

Investors cannot access Millions of Cryptocurrency due to 30 year old CEO’s death

Quadriga CZ Chief Executive Officer, Gerald Cotten died on December 9 in India due to complications from Crohn’s Disease at age 30. His laptop, email addresses and messaging system used to run his business were all encrypted. Quadriga now cannot access all inventory of cryptocurrency.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Medals to be made from Recycled Phones and Laptops

Tokyo Olympics organising committee to take a stand in reducing e-waste. A report suggests that Tokyo Olympics is to manufacture its 2020 Olympics medals from recycled smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. Athletes, students from partner universities and the general public are playing a part in the collection of small, used electronic devices.

Skype introduces Automatic Background Blur

The global marketplace has resulted in Skype being used as an effective tool for meetings. Adding a background blur feature can help improve efficiency – you can now have a meeting in the car park, while awaiting your next walk-in meeting.

Latest WhatsApp Update Comes With Biometric Security

WhatsApp for iOS added security measures for the app in their latest update. The app can now be locked using using Apple’s Face ID (if you have any iPhone X model) or Touch ID. WhatsApp is working on adding the same features for Android users.

Approved for Use are Disability-themed Emojis

Approval of disabled-themed emojis by the Unicode Consortium supports the inclusion and representation of the disabled through the power of social media. Platforms such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook and Twitter, can enhance Unicode designs, while maintaining uniformity across all platforms.

Gmail Aims to Block 100 Million More Spam

Your e-mail marketing attempts could land in the spam folder due to Gmail’s customised spam results. Gmail’s TensorFlow Integration will enable them to catch spammers who slip through traditional scanning techniques. 99.9% of spam is already blocked by Gmail and TensorFlow will tackle the 0.1%.