Twitter is a unique tool that when used effectively by a business, creates a pathway for enhanced customer service and networking.

According to Twitter, the number one reason that people visit this social media platform is to discover something new. Your business has a chance to connect and interact with people that are keen to know more about your brand. The key to success is not merely building a following, but engagement helps your business to create loyal followers and fruitful conversions.

Tips to Promote Engagement on Twitter

Create Relevant and Compelling Content

Creating content that is entertaining and industry-focused helps to promote retweets, likes and replies on Twitter. Tweeting content that is related to your product or services portrays your organisation as an industry expert. Fresh content that is regularly updated attracts engagement, so it is essential to stay up-to-date with current trends and the news in your industry.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

Customers often use Twitter for reviews, questions and complaints. It is highly essential for your organisation to respond promptly. Paying attention to tweets to your business account, brand mentions and product mentions will enable you to effectively deliver solutions to your customers. Monitoring keywords relevant to your business and industry will also eliminate the risk of missing out on important tweets.

Twitter suggests that 85% of small-to-medium businesses value customer support on Twitter.

Engage with your Followers

Retweeting relevant content posted by your followers helps to create a connection and loyalty towards your brand. Followers are intrigued by the thought that an organisation values their input, therefore tweets that align with your organisation’s values should be shared. Furthermore, replying to relevant tweets also plays a huge role in promoting engagement. For example, a follower could tweet about their love for coffee and a local coffee shop responds with a short, coffee related tweet.

Utilise Relevant Hashtags

Creating a hashtag campaign enables your business to drive engagement and gain more followers. Relevant hashtags that are aligned to your brand will enable your followers to access all content that is related to your campaign.

With millions of conversations, campaigns and content on Twitter, hashtags are an effective tool to cut through the noise and increase reach. Creating a themed content series also helps to attract followers to your page, as they will be keen to get the whole story.

Use Twitter Polls

Twitter polls give you a chance to ask questions, ultimately promoting engagement because followers can give their opinions. Moreover, feedback gives meaningful insight that can be used for more informed decision-making. Sharing the results of your poll and retweeting interesting answers also has a positive impact on engagement levels.

Repurpose Content from Other Channels

Linking content from other channels such as blogs, case studies and press-releases to a tweet on your page enables you to fully showcase your brand. Strategically curating content for a tweet paves way for cross-marketing old content from other channels.

Add Visuals to Tweets

Visual content such as images, GIFs and videos capture the attention of your followers. Adding high quality and visuals that are unique to your brand, together with content that is original, rich and with a tone that resonates with your culture is bound to improve engagement.