Content curation goes beyond researching the topic and creating appealing content. Once content is created, it is essential to know the appropriate channels and times to share, in order to reach your target audience.

A content calendar gives your marketing team a clear overview of your content sharing strategy. This eliminates the pressure arising from haphazard posting, creating consistency, while giving your team ample time to prepare content in time for publishing.

Benefits of a Content Calendar

Consistent Flow of Content

  • Planning your content in advance eliminates the risk of delayed posts due to human error, for example forgetting to work on the specific content for that week.
  • Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to share content on world events, such as World Food Day.

Organised Content

  • A content calendar helps to balance out your online presence, thus eliminating the risk of neglecting other online channels.
  • Businesses with seasonal products can align their content publishing with the products that they have in stock.

Increased Efficiency

  • Planning topics that are relevant, precise and informative is a time consuming task, but it is helpful to take time to plan your content in advance.
  • Content calendars are shared with the entire marketing team, so each member is aware of all the scheduled content titles and expected dates.

Steps to make a Content Calendar

Identify where your Target Audience is Online

Distinguishing your target audience based on where they are most likely to view your online content, will help your organisation determine where to post. Social media platforms have different tones that your content can adapt to, so understanding these will help you pre-plan accordingly.

List Topics

Listing topics in advance is a time consuming task. However, it is critical to ensure that all content created is relevant, informative and beneficial to the target audience.

Schedule your Topics

Social media channels like Facebook allow your team to schedule posts. A calendar detailing the topic to be shared, as well as the team member responsible for the writing and publishing helps to ensure that all content is posted consistently.

Outsource Content Creation to Skilled Staff

The process of researching topics and scheduling content is a time consuming task. Delegating this to an outsourcing service provider enables your organisation to have access to a calendar with relevant topics that are optimised for SEO.

This results in increased visibility and traffic to your website, as well as an amplified following and engagement on social media.