Our client is a consulting business in Zimbabwe.

It is a growing organisation that expressed a need to create online visibility and awareness to  convert prospects into buyers of the services they offer.

Social Media Management in Zimbabwe

Social media management was delegated to Skilled Staff to help successfully reach the targeted online audience. As a business, we took time to understand our client’s business model and drafted a unique social media marketing strategy to suit.

Client Objectives

The main objectives for outsourcing social media management were to:

  • build brand awareness;
  • increase visitor traffic to their website; and
  • engage and connect with an online audience on social media (Facebook and LinkedIn).

Social Media Management Process

Create a Content Calendar

By creating a content calendar, Skilled Staff helped the business consulting firm deliver high quality, consistent content. It was agreed between the two parties that blog posts would be shared each Friday of the month. Hence, content was made available in good time, eliminating the risk of poor quality content as a result of rushed work. The content calendar included schedules for both Facebook and LinkedIn, the two platforms chosen to be relevant to the business.

Social Media Sharing

Skilled Staff created both Facebook and LinkedIn pages for the business consulting firm, ensuring that all essentials basics had been set up included to complete the profiles.

Including descriptive captions and catchy headlines helped to increase the click-through-rate (CTR), as well as traffic to the website. Professional images were also sourced and included in the content. Getting colleagues engaged in the post also increased the impression rates and reach of all the posts.

Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation

Using relevant software, Skilled Staff analysed the social media performance and metrics for both pages. The reports created based on the analytics were shared with the client for better decision making.  


Prior to getting off the ground, our team was aware of the potential challenges with social media management.

Access to Content

Consistency is a vital aspect when it comes to creating engagement and building loyal followers. Skilled Staff had to ensure that content was published and shared on the days scheduled as per the content calendar. To overcome any potential delays in content delivery, a weekly reminder was sent to the client, to ensure efficient content delivery.


Despite having an experienced team in the business consulting industry, Skilled Staff emphasised the need to create original content that helps to build the brand and effectively communicate the services on offer. A mutual agreement between Skilled Staff and the client led to the decision that content would be created by the client’s in-house team.

Regular meetings and briefing sessions helped Skilled Staff to further understand the consulting firm’s business model. That way, in the event that the client failed to meet a content delivery deadline, a contingency plan was put into place which enables Skilled Staff to create the required content.

Measuring the Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Our client was keen on understanding the value of implementing an outsourcing social media strategy. Skilled Staff proved effectiveness using data from Facebook and LinkedIn regarding engagement, as well as redirected traffic to the firm’s website.

Outsource Social Media Management to Skilled Staff

Skilled Staff has the experience and technology to ensure that your business can effectively reach your target audience. The analytics tools that are in place will provide measurable results and help to achieve your content marketing objectives.