Our client is a French university in communication and marketing founded more than 25 years ago.

Each year, the university trains several thousands of students in the field of communication and digital marketing. It was looking for professionals with specific skills to share their experience and techniques with final year students. 

The university trusted Skilled Staff to design an entire course, provide distance learning and give feedback to learners on a regular basis.

Digital Training in Zimbabwe

Skilled Staff designed a course in the field of online prospection and lead generation.

Online prospection aims at identifying individuals that might be interested in a product or service and searching online to find their details. This technique is a form of outbound marketing.

Lead generation is slightly different from online prospection. The objective is to obtain prospect details in order to contact them at a later stage. Most of the time, a landing page with a form is used to allow them to submit their details.

This course required several pre-requisites, including computer skills, knowledge of search engines and social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook).

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training, learners were be able to:

  • identify targets;
  • recognise different platforms where prospects could be found;
  • obtain contact information using different online tools; and
  • find ways to identify and address the prospects pain point.

Learning Process

Given the geographical distance between France and Zimbabwe, the course was taught via Skype. This software allows students to see the trainer and the course material at the same time.

To encourage students to interact with the remote trainer, an online chat was set up to allow them to ask questions. Online chats allow introverted students an opportunity to express themselves and ask questions about the course material. It also allows the trainer (who is not physically in the room) to adapt when a learner wants more information.

At the end of each class, learners performed exercises related to the course content that had been delivered. These exercises allowed learners to have a fair and accurate appreciation of the skills of the profession.

Learning Assessments

To evaluate learning, students were assessed in two forms:

  • ongoing monitoring of evaluation of all the work that had been done; and
  • a final exam, which evaluated all notions that had been learnt in class and confronted learners with concrete situations that require the mobilisation of all knowledge attained.


Prior to commencing the course, our team was aware that it would take more effort to teach an online course while maintaining the attention of learners. To allow the course to run smoothly, we have put in place a process that allows us to always have an alternative in case of a technical problem.

Internet Speed

Our premises are equipped with a fiber optic connection. This eliminates any risk of interruption during the online course. We have also set up a back-up solution using another Internet network.

Non-native English Speakers

The learners are not native English speakers. To make their experience better, the course was designed to explain the concepts in simple language, paired with concrete examples. Students also have access to all course material, so they can do their own research about specific notions.

Student Interaction

At the beginning of each class, students have access to a chat that allows them to ask questions. The trainer can read and respond to all questions in real-time.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of each training, the school assesses the students with a written exam.

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