Outsourcing back office functions enables organisations to increase efficiency while reducing costs. Businesses in different industries can delegate various non-core tasks such as data processing, moderation, prospection, copywriting and administrative support.

Telecommunication and Insurance Companies

It is critical for both telecoms and insurance companies to consolidate accurate and high quality customer data and ensure that it is available in a secure and central source. Both industries receive a lot of paper documents that are time-consuming to encode.

With telecoms for example, it is easy to have more than one subscription. For example, an iPhone, an iPad, a desktop, and a family member’s subscription, all under one account holder. With four accounts, a customer should be able to send an e-mail or ring the call centre and receive a different experience depending on which subscription they are calling about. Henceforth, a telecoms company should have a complete view of the customer across all their accounts, their household, transaction history, interactions via the call centre, e-mail, online, social media and in-store.  

Outsourcing data processing tasks gives your business more time to focus on your core functions, making it more resilient.

B2B Companies

B2B is about building and nurturing business relationships. Growing new business is a priority for most businesses looking to stay competitive. It is important to continuously prospect new clients for survival and growth.

Most businesses are unable to dedicate enough staff to generate leads, so you can outsource for the top of your sales funnel and reduce the need to re-assign your entire sales team for prospection. A business development team must focus on nurturing leads, rather than scouring different online sources to find initial contacts.

Increasing the quality and quantity of new leads can significantly improve your lead conversion rate.

Media Agencies

Media companies often have to produce content in the form of ads, videos, infographics and the like. Businesses are keen to improve their online visibility and have a strong social media presence.

An efficient way to work through the workload is to delegate the production of marketing tasks such as copywriting, online marketing, video editing and graphic design.

Transport and Logistics Companies

Transport and logistics companies often work on tight deadlines, moreover rapidly changing information.

A customer using a courier service requires real-time, accurate communication regarding the status of their package.  

In order to provide the best service to customers, the industry must optimise their logistics with automation and real-time updating. Moreover, customer interactions via call centre, email or social media must be available 24/7 to keep customers satisfied. What could be more frustrating than a customer service platform that receives no response?

Tasks that you can outsource to Skilled Staff

  • Data Processing
  • Moderation
  • Prospection
  • Online Customer Service
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Copywriting
  • Administrative Support