Holiday seasons are synonymous with shopping sprees. However, with many competitors only a click away, it is essential for your business to build up it’s online visibility and effectively portray your competitive advantage to boost sales.

According to Deloitte’s 2018 holiday retail survey, 30% of holiday shoppers make decisions to purchase items they initially had interest in based on inspiration either in-store or online. A further 19% make completely unplanned purchases. This reflects on the power of social media when used as a communication tool to increase reach, build brand awareness and conversion rates.

Tips for Effective Holiday Season Social Media Posts

Schedule Posts in Advance

Creating a content calendar allows your content creation and marketing team to prepare social media posts and graphics in advance. During the busy holiday season, pre-planned posts save time and allow your team to focus on other business efforts. Furthermore, your presence on various social media platforms remains consistent, with assurance that there is enough relevant content to run your holiday campaign.

Create Promotions Specific to Social Media

Deals and offers that are limited to your followers on social media help to increase engagement. Comments and shares of these deals will help to expand your reach, effectively improving your brand exposure. Creating a series of special offers such as a ’12 Days of Christmas Campaign’ will bring followers back to your page everyday.

Personalised Holiday Greetings for Loyal Customers

Sending customised holiday greetings to loyal customers helps to show your appreciation for their business. A small gesture such as sending an e-card can help grow sales. Social media gives customers a voice, hence a good review about your service could help develop new business.

Prepare Visuals

Branding social media visuals with holiday related features helps to show that your brand is active during the holiday season. Creating visuals in advance will help to ensure that relevant and high quality images are readily available during the entire holiday season.

Create Relevant Content

Create content that resonates with the specific social media platform. Coordinating your holiday season branding across different social media platforms will enable you to provide a consistent experience to your followers.

Utilise Holiday Hashtags

Popular, festive related hashtags can help deliver your content to your target audience. During the highly competitive holiday season, the use of relevant hashtags helps to place your content in front of people that could be using keywords and phrases associated with your brand or business.

Provide Real-Time Engagement 

Preparing content and scheduling social media posting in advance, enables your marketing team to focus on providing exceptional customer service. With the focus on effective moderation, your brand can bring out it’s personality while interacting with followers on topics related to the holiday season.

Run Contests/Giveways

Creating a poll on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can help you to increase engagement and get constructive feedback, while entertaining and retaining your audience. Awarding freebies to followers who share specific promotion material on social media can greatly boost engagement and reach.

Support a Worthy Cause

Holidays such as Christmas are highly associated with giving. Consider supporting a local charity or a cause during the holiday season. Forbes suggests that 89% of consumers would switch from a brand without a cause to another that supported one, if pricing and quality were comparable.

Advertise on Social Media

The holiday season is also a perfect time to place ads and boost posts on social media pages. Incorporate original and interesting content in your ads, while customising them to reach your target audience. For example, using content that appeals to festive shoppers such as ‘Gift Ideas’.